Coolaser iRobot OS home intelligence, the Combo j7+ can detect and avoid floor obstacles like cords, shoes, pet bowls and even solid pet waste. Perfect for homes with a mix of floor types, it seamlessly cleans carpet and hard floors in the same cleaning job without any intervention. Unlike other 2-in-1 robots, the Roomba Combo j7+ has an auto-retracting mop pad that lifts when on carpet, preventing wet messes. Visit KEEPING PETS HEALTHY Keep pets healthy with Project Watson. Made with naturally inspired, high-quality ingredients, Project Watson healthcare for dogs offers a full line of products that target the often-overlooked areas of a dog's health: the eyes and ears. When Watson was rescued, his owner found it difficult to find the right products to help protect his eyes and ears from irritation and excess build-up. This led to the creation of the new line that features wipes, washes and supplements. Project Watson healthcare for dogs builds on Bausch and Lomb's rich history in canine surgical solutions. Visit VETERINARY CARE Regular high-quality care is so important. Banfield's Optimum Wellness Plans, or OWPs, make pet care easy with 24/7 access to veterinarians via their telehealth service, Vet Chat. It is a smart package of preventive care services including unlimited office visits, vaccinations, dental cleanings and more, all at an affordable price. This is not insurance; rather, it is for the predictable or preventive aspects of veterinary care, while pet insurance can help cover the unforeseen or emergency aspects of pet ownership. Think of Banfield's OWPs as a monthly subscription for pet's preventive care needs. Visit POST | VIDEO About TipsOnTV  TipsOnTV covers a variety of topics, including food, entertaining, personal finance, technology, travel, health, lifestyle and more. Contact Information: R E Original Source: Kristen Levine Shares Tips to Keep Pets Happy and Healthy with TipsOnTV" />